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Payment will be made to Bogd Leasing LLC's account number 8100001522 at Bogd bank by entering your name and phone number, and the payment will be made on the day it is credited to the lessor's account 

You can have a double loan if your income is enough to pay the lease. However, active loans should not be overdue or non-performing.

No fees or fines will be paid. You can pay in advance.

No. It is possible to lease a new car or an old car that did not have a license plate when entering Mongolia.

The machinery and equipment purchased under the finance lease will be owned by Bogd Leasing LLC and will be owned and used by the lessee until the financial lease is paid in full. Therefore, it is not considered collateral.

Financial leases and loans are very different. While the loan is credited to the applicant's account, the applicant has the right to dispose of it, while the financial lease is transferred directly to the seller of machinery and equipment.

No. Our company cooperates with leading companies in the insurance market and offers our customers discounted terms of insurance premiums.

If your organization sells cars worth less than 200 million MNT, please send your request for cooperation to our company to info@bogdleasing.com.